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Born in a time of global uncertainty, these articles are an offering of spiritual nourishment. Artist Stephanie Kellett selects artists with which to inject magic and beauty into your inbox. Each newsletter will showcase images of the artists work, and an essay focusing on their particular flavor of dialoguing with the natural or unseen forces in life. Sometimes there will be links to podcasts, interviews, books, and exhibitions to expand on the topics that each artist is exploring. Paid subscriptions will help the writing to continue. If you have a particular artist that you’d like to see shared through the newsletter, feel free to comment or email Stephanie. Let’s create this community together!

About the author:

Growing up in British Columbia's (Canada’s) desert, Stephanie Kellett was surrounded by lakes, open pine forests, and wildlife that would wander down from the hills and into the town. Tumbleweeds would literally roll down main streets on hot summer afternoons. This upbringing laid the foundation for themes of connection to wildness that Kellett continually highlights in her work. Studying Fine Art, Art History, Yoga, and Astrology, and engaging in a daily practice of meditation, art making, and rural living, Stephanie seeks out the embodied intersection of art, nature, and spirit. Larger, multi-week trip into the wilderness, where she and her partner travel by bike to areas known for their grizzly populations, lead to beautiful transformative experiences that birth bodies of artwork. Her work is exhibited in public and private galleries, as murals, reproductions, and in private collections around the globe. See more of her work via her website: and follow her on Instagram: @stephkellettart

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